Hi dear friends:)
In order to involve all students from all countries here, I created a new chat room, and also a "translator".

But please, first of all, read it:
When you enter to the chat for the first time, it will generate a name automatically, if you click on it, you can change it and add yours. Also you can change the icon. When you are entering again from the same computer, it will recognize you and remember your name, but not if you enter from another computer.
PLEASE, respect all the others, and do not insult them or disrespect. You can talk about whatever you wish, but respecting everyone.

The translator is in some languages, not only English, and the best part is that in translate all you wish, but not only writting it, also speaking! Write the text to translate. Choose the language you wish to translate. Choose the person you prefere to say the sentence. Click on SAY and listen it!!!! It's so funny! Also it's a way to improve your pronunciation!!!!
Good work!!!!
Hope you like it! And enjoy a lot!!!! HAVE FUN ALL TOGETHER!!!!!

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